Explosion Big Band - Meet the Band

Meet the Band

Led by chief detonators Doug Haining, sax, and Scott Agster, trombone, the EXPLOSION big band draws from the areaís finest musicians. The EXPLOSION is ready to detonate with the classic sounds of Count Basie, Duke Ellington, and more modern sounds of Thad Jones, Clare Fischer, Pat Metheny and others. The EXPLOSION ignites big band chestnuts, blasts into rock, erupts into swing, and is ready to ignite any event with a BIG BANG.

The EXPLOSION performed at the Minnesota History Centerís "9 Days of Summer" concert and dance series during the summer of 2014. A record crowd of over 1,200 people were present and witnessed first-hand the power of the bandís dynamic library and thunderous presentation. The promoters reported that there were more people dancing to the band than at any other "9 Days" event in the history of the event.


Doug Haining, Alto 1
Chris Harris, Alto 2
Russ Peterson, Tenor 1
Greg Keel, Tenor 2
Gus Sandberg, Bari

Scott Agster, Bone 1
Pete Enblom, Bone 2
Dave Graf, Bone 3
Wade Clark, Bone 4

Steve Wright, Lead Trumpet
Adam Rossmiller, Trumpet 2
Mark Bobnick, Trumpet 3
Geoff Senn, Trumpet 4
Preston Haining, Trumpet 5

Mary Louise Knutson, Piano
Tanner Taylor, Piano
Kent Saunders, Guitar
Matt Peterson, Bass
Trevor Haining, Drums